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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Dave Mims, CEO

Since the launch of IT in a Box, its adoption has grown quickly! Thank you!

We have diligently collected feedback, monitored and analyzed existing product components, and assessed technologies. Now, I am very excited about IT in a Box’s new enhancements we are releasing!

IT in a Box enhancements include

No trip charges for onsite support visits scheduled Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Standard expenses including mileage will be expensed back. We announced this one a little early, but it’s so good that I just had to mention it again!

Unlimited storage for offsite data backups! Yes, you read that right. Unlimited storage for offsite data backups! This means all versions of all your data can be securely and redundantly maintained offsite for disaster recovery for all of the servers in your IT in a Box plan.

Website Online Payments is no longer an add-on to IT in a Box. Instead, website online payments will now be covered under existing IT in a Box fees. That means IT in a Box will no longer have a fee for website online payments (e-commerce), nor a per transaction fee, nor a product listing fee to provide website online payments for city services such as utility billing, banner applications, etc. This includes an unlimited number of products listed on your website for which you can take online payments.

Note: You will still have to consider your online payment merchant fees, but those are typically negated with a surcharge (or convenience fee) that the city will set and receive. Also note that custom integrations (for example, with your accounting system) are not included. We can do that work, but that custom integration will be charged as a separate one-time fee.

Mobile device management and support spanning iPhone, iPad, DROID phones and tablets, Windows phones and tablets, and even Blackberry. Yes – that means not just your servers and workstations will be supported, but even your mobile devices (including your smartphones and tablets).

Microsoft Office 2013 upgrades to your desktop computers. Yes, new software for your desktop but no new licenses to purchase! We have been running Office 2013 internally for some time now and I personally really like the new experience it provides on the Microsoft Surface devices for email, editing documents, and working on spreadsheets.

Email (Exchange) server upgrades enhancing Outlook Web App (OWA) and anti-malware. No new server hardware for the city to purchase as in the past.

Document Management (SharePoint) server upgrades enhancing support to allow external document sharing. Again, no new server hardware for the city to purchase as in the past with other document management systems.

Next steps

Again, I am very excited about these enhancements to IT in a Box and the benefits they bring to you. Thank you for being a valued customer. We will be scheduling and rolling out these updates in the near future. At no charge to you.

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.