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Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Dave Mims, CEO
Dave Mims

Over the past year, Sophicity has provided a lot of training across Georgia, Kentucky, and Arkansas centered around cybersecurity. The cities we train show up because they don’t want to be that “next city” hammered by ransomware and viruses causing data incidents that lead to disrupted operations, permanent data loss, and expensive financial and legal repercussions.

While cybersecurity can get overwhelming, we beat the following “3Ps” like a drum:


Too many cities still use default passwords, obvious passwords (such as a child’s name, pet’s name, college mascot, birthdate, etc.), or weak passwords (like “123456”).


By not regularly applying patches, whether your software is older or newer, you are choosing to leave security holes open for hackers to exploit.


Who is likely to receive an email with ransomware? Who is likely to click on a malicious website link? Who is likely to open a malicious file attachment? People. And what’s the answer to combatting this weakness? Training.

Obviously, there is much more to consider and address with cybersecurity but these 3Ps – your top 3 risks – are ones you must address head-on, ongoing, and proactively.

One way to tackle these 3Ps is with proactive (rather than reactive) IT support. Read more about the “choose your own adventure” path you should pick in our featured article below.

In customer news, take a look at the following new websites:

Plus, every Friday on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, we showcase the website of a city we serve with the trending hashtag #WebsiteFriday.

We’d also like to welcome Rincon, GA, Worthington Hills, KY, Farmington, AR, Ryland Heights, KY, and the Water Board of the City of Vincent, AL to the Sophicity family.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have something to share with our local government community.


Dave Mims

Pick a Path: Proactive or Reactive IT Support?

Do you remember reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were younger (or seeing your kids read them)? You may know that, in those books, the reader can choose between different storylines based on their decisions. Many stories and many endings that all start from the same beginning.

In the spirit of those books, we’d like to do our own IT support “adventure” where you get to see two different paths depending on the choice you pick.

Click to begin your IT support pick-a-path adventure!

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2019 is upon us! We hope to see you at these upcoming events including:

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January 16-18, 2019
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A Taste of I.T.

Recently, Eastman, Georgia took time out of its busy daily schedule to grill out with us for what we call a Taste of I.T. These are BBQ-heavy :) customer thank you events that we’ve been bringing to our customers. Literally each month, we bring the food and beverages and get to have lunch with your staff. Thanks to City Manager Jason Cobb, Chief Becky Sheffield, and Chairman Buddy Pittman. We had an awesome time!