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Thursday, August 23, 2018
Dave Mims, CEO
Dave Mims

Today, I delivered training to municipal clerks attending the 2018 Kentucky Master Municipal Clerks Academy. This training focused on cybersecurity as well as policies, procedures, and practices around personally identifiable information (PII) as defined by the Kentucky Department for Local Government (DLG).

My presentation covered the cybersecurity risks every city faces. I discussed the contributing factors that lead to cyberattacks, the warning signs that cities can use to assess if they are at risk, the top three cybersecurity risks affecting all cities, and what a city can do to best prepare against the thousands of cyberattacks hitting cities every week.

According to Kentucky law, “Non-digital media containing personal information shall be physically controlled and securely stored in a manner meant to ensure that the media cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals. [...] If personal information is stored in an electronic format, it shall be protected from access by unauthorized individuals. Such information must be protected by software that prevents unauthorized access. If personal information is transmitted via e-mail or other electronic means, it must be sent using appropriate encryption mechanisms.”

Because of these legal requirements, I specifically addressed Security and Incident Investigation Procedures and Practices for Local Government developed by the Kentucky DLG and detailed some ways to minimize the risk to personal information.

To find out more about how municipal clerks can lessen risks around cybersecurity and PII, check out my entire presentation here.

Questions about your ability to fend off cyberthreats and protect PII? Reach out to us today.