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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Dave Mims, CEO
Dave Mims

A recent article in The Conversation (titled “Why Cities Are So Bad at Cybersecurity”) referenced a few startling stats:

- 44 percent of local governments say they experience daily cyberattacks (and it’s probably a higher percentage)
- 53.5 percent of local governments “do not catalogue or count how often their systems are attacked”
- “Most local governments [58.4 percent] said they cannot determine the types of attackers that attack their systems.”

These stats reveal that, despite constant targeting by cyberattackers, many cities are not taking steps to monitor their systems or proactively prevent cyberattacks.

Why? Especially when the results to cities are permanent data loss, data breaches, and lack of legal compliance?

After a recent ransomware attack at the City of Atlanta, the city spent almost $2.7 million to recover. Critical data was likely permanently lost, some data took weeks or months to restore, and documentation shows that the city neglected to take recommended actions after an audit.

Strengthening cybersecurity should not be neglected by cities. To help, we’ve provided a 20-question assessment (in our featured article below) that will help your city identify critical gaps related to your IT proactivity, employee training, and data backup and disaster recovery—all of which contribute to strong cybersecurity.

And remember, if you are a member of the Georgia Municipal Association’s (GMA) property and liability fund (GIRMA), then you are eligible to receive a grant from GMA’s Safety and Liability Management Grant Program to reimburse your city for up to 25% of the annual IT in a Box subscription fee.

In customer news, check out the following new websites:

Plus, we’d like to welcome Kuttawa, Kentucky; Louisville, Georgia; Riceboro, Georgia; and Warrenton, Georgia to the Sophicity family.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have something to share with our local government community.


Dave Mims

20 Questions to Assess Your City’s Cybersecurity

Despite knowing it’s critically important, cybersecurity can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Where do you start?

This 20-question assessment will help you start with some basic questions, and we also link to many of our blog posts if you’d like additional information about the areas we discuss.

Take our 20-question city cybersecurity assessment.

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A Taste of I.T.

Taste of IT

Recently, Montezuma, Georgia and Peachtree Corners, Georgia took time out of their busy daily schedules to grill out with us for what we call a Taste of I.T. These are BBQ-heavy :) customer thank you events that we’ve been bringing to our customers. Literally each month, we bring the food and beverages and get to have lunch with your staff. At Montezuma, thanks to Mayor Larry Smith, Chief Eric Finch, and City Administrator / Clerk Joyce Hardy. At Peachtree Corners, thanks to Mayor Mike Mason, Finance Director Brandon Branham, City Clerk Kym Chereck, and City Manager Brian Johnson. We had an awesome time!

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