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Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Dave Mims, CEO

Dave MimsWe know. It’s the federal government. Yet, cybersecurity legislative trends show that security risks within government—whether it’s federal, state, or local—are being addressed because they affect national security and the privacy of citizens. There’s an incentive for Congress to help your city shore up its cybersecurity.

The federal bill is called the State Cyber Resiliency Act and it’s in the proposal stage. As a bipartisan bill, it has a higher chance of making it through the House and Senate depending on Congressional priorities. Matt Zone, President of the National League of Cities is quoted as saying:

“Cities manage substantial amounts of sensitive data, including data on vital infrastructure and public safety systems. It should come as no surprise that cities are increasingly targets for cyberattacks from sophisticated hackers. Cities need federal support to provide local governments with the tools and resources needed to protect their citizens and serve them best."

The idea is that FEMA will administer grants for state, local, and tribal governments. Particulars about the grants are not clear at the moment as the text of the bill has not yet been submitted.

We’ve been concerned about city cybersecurity for a long time, and it’s reassuring to us that lawmakers want to help cities address this issue. An article from FCW points out some drivers behind this bill:

  • “[State, local, and tribal governments] typically devote less than two percent of their IT budget to cybersecurity.”
  • “…in 2015, 50 percent of state and local governments had six or more cyber breaches within the last two years.”

We’ll be tracking this bill (S.516) after its introduction last week. Stay tuned!