IT in a Box: Vendor Management and Procurement

Do you get frustrated wasting time on software support calls where you’re not sure if you’re resolving the problem? Our IT in a Box engineers step in to take care of this dirty work. From resolving issues to even purchasing new computers for you, we will work with technology vendors directly so that you don’t lose hours and days on the phone.

Information technology is complex, frustrating city staff and consuming their time. This is a problem because city staff are already strapped for time, wear multiple hats, and often lack the technical expertise to know exactly how they should interact with software and hardware vendors.

  • Have you ever lost hours or days on the phone with a software vendor?
  • Did you feel like you just weren’t communicating?
  • Were they saying words that just didn’t make sense?
  • Did they rush you through the call, leaving you uncertain whether the issue was fully resolved?
  • Were they also trying to sell you something in addition to resolving the issue?

Don’t worry. We’ve got it.

Alabama League of Municipalities
Call (334) 262-2566
Arkansas Municipal League
Call (501) 978-6106
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
Call (203) 946-3782
Georgia Municipal Association
Call (678) 686-6213
Iowa League of Cities
Call (515) 974-5316
Kentucky League of Cities
Call (800) 876-4552

ALM's, AML's, CCM's, GMA's, Iowa League's, and KLC's technology solution for Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky towns & cities. 

Comprehensive technology products and services -- from a new website to data backup -- tailored to the unique needs of municipalities. 

Priced for towns & cities -- from the smallest to the largest -- with a predictable, flat monthly fee.  

Just like it's good for doctors to talk to doctors, it's beneficial to have IT professionals talk to IT professionals.

With IT in a Box, we take on all IT vendor communications on behalf of your city. Our expertise, experience, and negotiating abilities keep IT vendors on their toes and focused on providing the best services for cities.

Many non-technical city employees often try to resolve ongoing issues with internet service providers, software vendors, or hardware vendors. Sometimes, issues are extremely technical, vendors can treat you dismissively, and it’s hard to stay focused on the problem to understand the exact root cause.

Consider us your helpdesk with hardware or software vendors. We want you calling us instead of them. We’ve probably already seen the issue at one of our other cities and we’ll be able to quickly fix it. Or, we’ll talk to the vendor on your behalf while you work on other things, saving you time and frustration.

No more worrying about buying a new computer or other important hardware. With IT in a Box, we can:

  • Provide recommendations and expertise about hardware.
  • Research and collect additional information for you to help you evaluate options.
  • Handle the vendor interaction.
  • Handle all technical details of the order, from purchase to deployment.

Because we understand your environment, the role you serve, the applications you use, and what similar sized cities deploy, we can make recommendations for hardware and technology replacements.

With software, we can put you in contact with other cities so that you receive first-hand feedback about a particular application or software vendor—as you will probably much rather hear what other cities have to say about software instead of a salesperson.

We do not upsell or resell hardware and software, but we can procure it for you. We work directly with major vendors, and we can work with your preferred local vendor if you have one. Whatever path you choose, we leverage your state contract to get the lowest price. Plus, we often get hardware and software cheaper than the state contract because of our volume.

We have no incentive for you to purchase anything other than what you need. IT in a Box is fixed cost and it is in our best interest to get you exactly what you need at the lowest price possible because we will have to support that hardware or software at a fixed cost once it is deployed.

One of the biggest demands that we see at towns and cities is a need for ongoing vendor management. From getting on the phone with a software vendor to resolve technical issues to helping cities purchase computers, vendor management ensures that technology vendors are providing you the exact services you need for a fair price—without overspending your money.

This guide examines:

  • Why municipalities need to evaluate and monitor vendors more closely
  • How vendor management can save you money
  • Best practices to help you manage your technology vendors better

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