We put the IT in city®

IT in a Box: Records / Document Management and Email

Going through an open records request should not be a time-consuming nightmare. IT in a Box provides your city a modern document management system that helps you organize, search, access, and retrieve documents in a more efficient way.

Our software includes:

  • Data backup and disaster recovery. What happens in case of a disaster to your paper and electronic information? Have you scanned your important paper documents and converted them into electronic files? A disaster recovery plan is critical and, in some states, the law for electronic documents.
  • Search and retrieval. Can you search for and retrieve documents with ease? IT in a Box allows you to find any document (such as Word files and PDFs) through easy-to-use tagging, organizing features, and searchable content. You can also find emails easily.
  • Security. Are you applying information security best practices to secure your records from hackers and prevent unauthorized employee access or tampering? Our software helps enforce authorization policies, encrypt city records, and create an audit trail.