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IT in a Box: Records / Document Management and Email

IT in a Box's document management and records management protects your city records, documents, and email. Our records management reliably archives, retains, accesses, and deletes information according to your records retention schedules. (We even help you process and fulfill Open Records Requests!) IT in a Box also includes Microsoft Office and city email with 50GB of mailbox storage for each user.

By law, your city must respond to open records and FOIA requests. Yet, many cities sometimes delay responding to those requests because fulfilling the request is so time consuming (they’re too busy) or they simply can’t find the information (it’s lost).

Sure, some cities may have poor email, document management, records management, or paper filing systems that make tracking down information troublesome. But open records laws become more unforgiving with each passing year. Searchable email, records management and document management systems, and databases need to give cities access to information quickly.

Your records management processes must adhere to specific retention, archiving, and disposal schedules. Not modernizing your technology or backing up your data properly opens you up to fines, lawsuits, and unflattering front-page news stories.

Let IT in a Box alleviate your worries and build compliant processes around records management, records retention, document management, and email.

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AML's, GMA's, and KLC's technology solution for Arkansas, Georgia, and Kentucky cities.

Comprehensive technology products and services -- from a new website to data backup -- tailored to the unique needs of cities.

Priced for cities -- from the smallest to the largest -- with a predictable, flat monthly fee. 

Going through an open records request should not be a time-consuming nightmare. IT in a Box provides your city a modern document management system that helps you organize, search, access, and retrieve documents in a more efficient way.

Our software includes:

  • Data backup and disaster recovery. What happens in case of a disaster to your paper and electronic information? Have you scanned your important paper documents and converted them into electronic files? A disaster recovery plan is critical and, in some states, the law for electronic documents.
  • Search and retrieval. Can you search for and retrieve documents with ease? IT in a Box allows you to find any document (such as Word files and PDFs) through easy-to-use tagging, organizing features, and searchable content. You can also find emails easily.
  • Security. Are you applying information security best practices to secure your records from hackers and prevent unauthorized employee access or tampering? Our software helps enforce authorization policies, encrypt city records, and create an audit trail.

We don’t just provide the software, maintenance, support, and technology upgrades. We help you meet the day-to-day challenges you face with processing Open Records requests and maintaining compliance (such as with Arkansas Legislative Audit). Because we work with so many cities, we have best practices and policies ready for you to adapt and implement at your city.

Our engineers have extensive experience handling Open Records Requests and quickly retrieving files for municipalities. That allows us to handle these kinds of requests more efficiently.

Even better, under a service such as IT in a Box, any labor for a record request is included. That means cities can leverage us for this work—with no additional fees and no extra invoices.

(For Arkansas, Sophicity works with cities that must comply with Legislative Audit. We’ve created policies and procedures to meet the specific demands of Arkansas state auditors.)

Are your records retention schedules automatically applied to documents so that you consistently follow state law and city ordinances? Our document management system enforces policies such as archiving, retention, authorization, and deletion with a combination of automation and oversight from our municipal-experienced engineers.

No more problematic consumer-grade or cheap email software. We provide cities business-class email with Microsoft Outlook for the desktop to give city employees an easy-to-use rich application interface, Outlook Web Access to give city employees who are away from the office a consistent Microsoft Outlook experience when using a browser interface, a modern mobile interface to give city employees a secure and full experience from their phone or tablet, shared calendars and contacts, built-in antispam software, great email organizational features, and 50GB of mailbox storage for each user. 50 GB of mailbox storage eliminates many email storage issues common to cities.

Just to make your life easier, we provide you the full suite of Microsoft Office desktop applications including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, and additional collaboration tools like chat, meetings, notes, and attachments with your email and document management systems. And again, upgrades for Microsoft Office are included so you’re always using the latest version.