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IT in a Box: Policy and Compliance

Is your city getting audited for security or compliance reasons? No problem. We help cities prepare for auditors by ensuring that you meet specific security and compliance requirements related to technology. You should feel no need to worry about auditors because of technology. During the audit, we are right there with you as part of your team to make the process smooth and eliminate your anxiety.

  • Arkansas Legislative Audit: For Arkansas, Sophicity works with cities that must comply with Legislative Audit. We’ve created policies and procedures designed to meet the specific demands of Arkansas state auditors.
  • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS): Our familiarity with CJIS standards and compliance helps us assist public safety departments in cities from any state.
  • Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC): The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) requires Georgia cities to submit network diagrams and other requirements for their audits. We can help with this process through our GCIC-trained engineers.
  • Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC): We can help Arkansas cities with ACIC compliance.
  • Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA): We can help Alabama cities with ALEA compliance.