IT in a Box: Policy and Compliance

To protect against cyberattacks and assist with audits, IT in a Box engineers help you adopt policies and best practices that educate your staff and make sure your technology helps you comply with state law. In addition to staff training, we shore up any compliance gaps by securing, documenting, regularly testing, and proactively managing all your technology. We will also help you create policies around software, application, vendor, network, wireless, physical, user, and remote access.

Federal, state, and local laws, policies, and ordinances require that you protect and secure specific information such as

  • Tax information
  • Public safety information
  • Payment information
  • Personnel information
  • Records eligible for open records and FOIA requests

How are you securing this information? Are you in compliance with the law?

IT in a Box helps you comply in multiple ways.

Alabama League of Municipalities
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Arkansas Municipal League
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Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
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Georgia Municipal Association
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Iowa League of Cities
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Kentucky League of Cities
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ALM's, AML's, CCM's, GMA's, Iowa League's, and KLC's technology solution for Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky towns & cities. 

Comprehensive technology products and services -- from a new website to data backup -- tailored to the unique needs of municipalities. 

Priced for towns & cities -- from the smallest to the largest -- with a predictable, flat monthly fee.  

To proactively identify vulnerabilities, we help cities set policies around:

  • Applications and systems
  • Passwords
  • Vendor access
  • Network access
  • Wireless access
  • Physical access
  • User access

Clarifying policies around these areas helps you identify gaps in your security that are vulnerable to cyberattack and gives you the documentation to effectively enforce compliance and best practices.

Let’s say a cyberattack or another serious incident occurs. Now what? This is usually where cities often make critical mistakes related to compliance. Our municipal-experienced senior IT engineers remain calm in a crisis and guide your city through a proper incident response plan that keeps you in compliance with the law.

We can handle incidents such as:

  • A virus or ransomware infection
  • An email security issue
  • An open records request issue
  • A video archiving issue

We help you process Open Records requests and will follow your state’s records retention policies. Our engineers have extensive experience handling Open Records Requests and quickly retrieving information for municipalities.

We can also help you automatically apply records retention schedules so that you consistently follow state law. Our team of senior, municipal-experienced engineers helps you enforce policies such as archiving, retention, authorization, and deletion with a combination of automation and oversight.

Is your city getting audited for security or compliance reasons? No problem. We help cities prepare for auditors by ensuring that you meet specific security and compliance requirements related to technology. You should feel no need to worry about auditors because of technology. During the audit, we are right there with you as part of your team to make the process smooth and eliminate your anxiety.

  • Arkansas Legislative Audit: For Arkansas, Sophicity works with cities that must comply with Legislative Audit. We’ve created policies and procedures designed to meet the specific demands of Arkansas state auditors.
  • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS): Our familiarity with CJIS standards and compliance helps us assist public safety departments in cities from any state.
  • Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC): The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) requires Georgia cities to submit network diagrams and other requirements for their audits. We can help with this process through our GCIC-trained engineers.
  • Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC): We can help Arkansas cities with ACIC compliance.
  • Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA): We can help Alabama cities with ALEA compliance.

Technology-related policies and compliance can be a tough area to learn and difficult to keep up-to-date—especially when considering how fast the technology world evolves. We help your city staff learn about technology-related security and compliance policies, the ins and outs of enforcing those policies, and the reasons these policies are so important. We can train elected officials as well as city staff.

Technology alone won’t protect towns and cities. Clear, detailed policies document important rules, procedures, and guidelines to help you comply with federal, state, and local laws. So, what kinds of policies do you need?

This guide gives you tips and best practices to help you create the following policies:

  • Contract / Vendor Management
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Physical Access Security
  • Logical Access Security
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  • Data Input, Processing, and Output
  • Application Security

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