IT in a Box: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Server failure? Flooding? A tornado? No problem—your data is safe. IT in a Box provides onsite data backup for quick recovery, and unlimited offsite data backup for worst-case scenario recovery after a major incident like a natural disaster. You also ensure the success of your data backups with our real-time monitoring to quickly address data backup issues and quarterly testing to verify your disaster recovery.

Is your city headed for a disaster?

Too many cities still cannot say for sure that they can recover data or prevent data loss after an incident.

For example:

Maybe you have a manual process in place such as an external hard drive, flash drive, or consumer-grade data backup solution. But people can get distracted and forget to back up. Manual backups fail or data gets corrupted. And when do you have time to adequately test your data backup to ensure it works?

To address the risk of permanent data loss and decrease liability, IT in a Box provides you a data backup solution with the following components - including onsite and offsite backup options - to help you recover from a disaster.

Alabama League of Municipalities
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Arkansas Municipal League
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Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
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Georgia Municipal Association
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Iowa League of Cities
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ALM's, AML's, CCM's, GMA's, Iowa League's, and KLC's technology solution for Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky towns & cities. 

Comprehensive technology products and services -- from a new website to data backup -- tailored to the unique needs of municipalities. 

Priced for towns & cities -- from the smallest to the largest -- with a predictable, flat monthly fee.  

IT in a Box gives you quick recovery—usually within minutes—of your data after less impactful events like a server failure.

IT in a Box allows you to recover data—quickly—after a worst-case scenario such as a natural disaster or a massive virus outbreak. We help cities become operational again within hours.

IT in a Box will recover your data after a disaster. So many cities do not test their data backups, and those backups may fail when you need your data most. We test quarterly to verify that your data backup is actually working. We're not hoping we can recover your data, we know we can.

Our senior, municipal-experienced engineers are always monitoring your data backups and quickly address issues when they occur.

Over the years, we’ve written a great deal about data backup and disaster recovery best practices. Yet, stories are often an impactful way to understand the importance of a solid data backup and disaster recovery strategy for a city.

In this guide, you will:

  • Read about 6 realistic disaster scenarios that could happen to your city.
  • Get a chance to see if you can spot each scenario’s data backup errors before we reveal them.
  • Learn important data backup lessons related to each scenario.

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