We put the IT in city®

What is your city’s most critical asset?

City clerks often respond: “Our data.

So, what if you need to recover your data, quickly, if a city server fails or a disaster -- such as tornado or flooding -- strikes?

Will your existing data backup solution recovery your data -- whether it's tape, an external hard drive, or consumer-grade online data backup? 

Ask yourself the following questions?

  • Are you absolutely sure that all of your critical data is backed up? 
  • When did you last test your data backup? Do you know for sure that you can recover your data?
  • If you lost your data, who would be impacted? Employees? Businesses? Citizens? How would they be impacted? And for how long?
  • How fast can you recover your data after a disaster? Will your systems be running when your citizens and businesses need you the most?

If you want peace of mind, our Data Continuity service meets all of your city’s data backup and disaster recovery needs. From restoring a single file to quickly recovering all of your data after a full disaster, we help keep your city running with no problems or worries.