The Sophicity Story

Mimsware Corporation, now doing business as Sophicity, started life like many successful companies: a highly-experienced IT engineer, dissatisfied with life at a large company, decides to strike out on his own. Through hard work, ingenuity, and hiring the right people, he builds the experiment from a few people in his basement to a fully-realized company. Dave Mims founded Mimsware Corporation in 2000 as a way to provide top-level engineering and IT services the way he felt they should be done – using best practices and a simple, no nonsense approach to service. He steadily built up a stable of great employees and an impressive customer list, including HP and Xerox.

However, many others were Georgia-based, government-focused entities like the Georgia Municipal Association, Atlanta Regional Commission, and various cities from Buford to Tybee Island. One day when someone asked Dave what made Mimsware unique, he naturally could have talked about the quality of his company’s work and mention his list of happy customers. But every other generalist IT company mentions these same things. After some thought, Dave realized that Mimsware consisted of experts in providing IT services to cities and municipal leagues - something very few IT companies could say.

That's when Dave decided that Mimsware should focus its efforts solely on city governments and the municipal leagues that service them - sharing its expertise nation-wide after originating in Georgia.

To signify this change in thinking, Mimsware became Sophicity. The story is not finished yet. Help us write it.

Sophicity is a combination of two words:

  • Sophia: The Greek word for wisdom. We like the Greek root because that culture helped define modern systems of government like our own.
  • City: This says up front who we serve and what we love.

Put both together and it means we understand the IT needs of cities. We speak the language of cities – not generalist tech talk. It means "We put the IT in city.”

Yeah, we know we left part of the roof off our logo. We think it says something about us as a company - that we open cities to new ideas and fresh air.  And that cable? It shows we keep our customers “plugged in” to the latest IT trends and technologies that impact cities. Not bad for one little logo.