Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

What is your city’s most critical asset?

City clerks often respond: “Our data.

So, what if you need to recover your data, quickly, if a city server fails or a disaster -- such as tornado or flooding -- strikes?

Will your existing data backup solution recovery your data -- whether it's tape, an external hard drive, or consumer-grade online data backup? 

Ask yourself the following questions?

  • Are you absolutely sure that all of your critical data is backed up? 
  • When did you last test your data backup? Do you know for sure that you can recover your data?
  • If you lost your data, who would be impacted? Employees? Businesses? Citizens? How would they be impacted? And for how long?
  • How fast can you recover your data after a disaster? Will your systems be running when your citizens and businesses need you the most?

If you want peace of mind, our Data Continuity service meets all of your city’s data backup and disaster recovery needs. From restoring a single file to quickly recovering all of your data after a full disaster, we help keep your city running with no problems or worries.

  • Love I.T. If we don't meet your expectations, then cancel the service!
  • No upfront project fees. Onboarding, equipment, and setup included! 
  • Flexible. Increase or decrease storage monthly! 
  • Proven. Tailored for cities. 

We will install a Data Continuity Appliance (DCA) at your city to back up your data. What’s a DCA? It’s a redundant onsite device that completely replicates your existing server (or servers). 

In the event of a server failure, our Data Continuity Appliance simply takes over where your failed server left off. As our DCA runs your systems, you can then take the time to order a new server without losing any of your data. Plus, you keep your city running normally the entire time without a hiccup.

In the event of a disaster, where the DCA along with your building may be lost, we will host your servers in our data center until replacement servers are procured. Again, you keep your city running normally the entire time without a hiccup.

And, we understand city budgets and know that it’s difficult to pay large, upfront capital expenses. That’s why we’ve eliminated these upfront costs. To help you budget for a DCA, we provide this service to you with absolutely no initial capital expense. For an affordable monthly fee, we provide you with all:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Ongoing management
  • Licenses


Convenient, Thorough, and Easy!

  • We will clearly communicate with you upon arriving and upon leaving each day.
  • We will ask you about your priorities and build our plan around them.
  • We will conveniently resolve any technology issues and address as many needs as quickly as possible.
  • We will not rush but instead take our time to answer your questions and address your needs.



Responsive, Certain, and Visible!

  • We will respond promptly to you.
  • We will ask for your priorities and set clear expectations with you.
  • We will regularly check in with you.
  • We will communicate with you in non-technical language.
  • We will resolve your issues -- and that means no ongoing or recurring issues.

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24/7/365 backups for selected Windows servers and workstations

Our Data Continuity Appliance (DCA) features fully automated technology that continuously backs your data up without any manual intervention on your part.


Hourly onsite backups

Backups are performed hourly minimizing the potential for data loss. And, our DCA’s use of virtualization technology allows for quick near recovery of your data onsite. We can restore files as needed day to day. Or, if your server is down, we can host your server right from our DCA until replacement parts or equipment are procured.


Daily offsite backups

Our DCA automatically sends a snapshot of your data at the end of each day to an offsite data center. In the event of a catastrophe, even if our onsite DCA is destroyed, you’ll still be able to recover your data and you'll still be up and running. While new server equipment is procured, we will host your servers from our data center.


Mirroring of offsite data backups

Your data will be managed offsite at not just one data center, but two geographically dispersed data centers in the United States. The two data centers are coast to coast. Yes, one data center is on the East coast and the other data center is on the West coast.


Data encryption to protect the security of your data

We provide 256-bit encryption for all of your backed up data (onsite, in-transit, and offsite) — giving it the highest security.


Data deduplication

We provide modern technology to minimize storage requirements to keep costs down.


Ongoing, real-time monitoring of your backups

Our team monitors and manages your backed up data, flagging and addressing problems as needed.


Quarterly data backup testing and auditing

We make sure that your data will be recovered in the event of a disaster. Data integrity tests ensure that all of your critical data is backed up, and a disaster recovery simulation makes sure you will be able to recover your data in the wake of a tornado, flood, or other catastrophe. Yes, we test your data quarterly for recovery to give you peace of mind.


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